SHUTTERBUG is a short psychological film that follows the story of a man anxiously taking pictures in the forest. Featuring Jamie Winder as The Tattooed Man, the film was shot on a Canon 60D over one afternoon.

Shutterbug was a short film a friend and I (Jamie Winder) put together whilst living in Singapore. The idea came about as we used to walk a lot in Singapore. Somerset MRT to Johor Bahru, Malaysia was one of our most epic walks and we did these 'urban rambles' because it let us explore real Singapore. Also as there isn’t that much to do in Singapore  why not just walk about the heartlands, take pictures and chat about politics and football.

Shutterbug was the culmination of a lot rambling and it contains within it the seed of many ideas I will be exploring in other films. The capturing of images, the surveillance nature of today's world, how much we are our own avatars and at some level the relationship between technology and our art.

Watch the full short film below - it's only 3 mins!

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