• Back To 35MM

    I spent my whole teens shooting 35mm with my Nikon FM2. It didn't take long to add some Super8mm into the mix with a Bauer C107, but then it all c...
  • Burmese Daze

    There’s lots online about the mysticism of Myanmar, the 1000 year old pagodas and the atmosphere, but really it’s about the people. 
  • In Transition – Moving from Documentary to Fiction Filmmaking

    My latest film SODO EXPRESS is quite freeform – i’ve been shooting and writing and editing as I go along and its given me the freedom to combine what I know from documentary with a fiction storyline.
  • LayRoots – Estate Planning For Creatives

    Estate planning. It’s the new thing in my life. Having a kid switched up a lot. Now there’s not just me and my missus plus our stuff (artwork, fur...
  • Paper Stock | Giclée & C Type photographic printing

    For most of my prints I tend to use Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, but I do like to mix it up by using the C Type Kodak Metallic stock.