About Me

by Suridh Hassan

Filmmaker, Author, Photographer

Suridh Das-Hassan


Suridh Das-Hassan worked his way up from the bottom rungs of the UK media industry , via national broadcasters ITV and BBC, and onto film sets before becoming a video paparazzo (which did not go well!) , then a documentary filmmaker and author (which went much better!).

As a creator he has been deeply influenced by his upbringing in North London. Raised by a single mum, a Swedish Jewish grandma and a Bengali Indian grandpa , he is inspired by themes of identity, migration and the urban environment.

For the past 10 years, he has split his time between Europe and Asia shooting and directing award-winning documentaries and commercials.

His work has appeared on TV, in cinemas, museums and galleries worldwide and has been featured in Bloomberg, Complex, The Economist, The Guardian and Wired amongst others.

Shaz along with his long term creative partner Ryo Sanada, is the best-selling author of the STICKERBOMB series, the first street art and graffiti fully peelable sticker book series, which has gone onto sell nearly 300,000 copies worldwide.

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My work is about documentary and investigation. Whether it be a book, a film (fiction or doc) or photograph. I'm try to build a sense of identity, whether it be that of an individual, group or even a concept or idea.
It's important to provide a sense of those overlapping systems at work - those cultural, political forces that impact us all and then it's about building a response - emotional, entertaining, exciting.
So it's never about one thing; the visual composition or the style, the narrative or even the medium. It's about finding what is out there and presenting it for you to read in a way that is filtered through my lens.