Hennessy Artistry (Shanghai) featuring Rita Ora

Hennessy Artistry (Hong Kong)

Hennessy Artistry (Shanghai) 

Behind-the-Scenes: Hosted at the Da Guan Theatre at the Himalayas Art Centre, the Shanghai leg of the Hennessy Artistry tour saw UK pop star Rita Ora, Korea's hip-hop trio Lucky J, China’s queen of electronica Laure Shang and Taiwan’s Ouch Youth bringing on a night of star-studded fusion of great music across genres.

Hennessy Artistry (Taiwan) featuring Lucky J

Watch Korean mixed group Lucky J share about their unique and unforgettable Hennessy Artistry journey.

Hennessy Artistry (Hong Kong) featuring Tim Omaji

Watch Australian R&B and dance sensation Tim Omaji on his exceptional experience at Hennessy Artistry in Hong Kong.

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