Suridh ‘Shaz’ Hassan worked his way up from the bottom rungs of the UK media industry, via national broadcasters ITV and BBC and onto film sets before a stint as a video paparazzo and now a documentary filmmaker and author.

For the past 10 years, Shaz has split his time between Europe and Asia shooting and directing award-winning documentaries and commercials including Soka Afrika, which won best picture at the Kicking & Screening Festival in New York and was shortlisted for Best Documentary at the One World Media Awards. His work has appeared on TV, in cinemas, museums and galleries worldwide and has been featured in Bloomberg, Complex, The Economist, The Guardian and Wired amongst others. Shaz along with his long term creative partner Ryo Sanada, is the best-selling author of the STICKERBOMB series, the first street art and graffiti fully peelable sticker book series, which has gone onto sell nearly 300,000 copies worldwide.


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