The vision of CUT*PACKS is to turn everyone into a better filmmaker. We're here to empower content creators, visual storytellers with real varied footage produced by our team of exciting shooters.  Our video is hand picked for not only the technical quality, but the cultural relevance and how 'edit-friendly' it is and we license this material for usage across all creative work and we've priced it in a way so you actually can have some fun in the edit. 

CUT*PACKS is Shaz and Ryo from STUDIO RAREKIND | THE SRK. We're not stock industry veterans, we're creatives like you, who for nearly 20 years have been working across production and publishing. We've had our share of trawling through stock sites, choosing clips that suit the clients budget and suit the edit and we know how little margin of error there is, hence why we curate the packs in the thematic way we do.

 Check out the full CUT*PACKS collection here.