The Space, Bangkok.

The Space was a project initiated and supported by photographer James Nachtwey in an open-plan 250 square meter loft, with views overlooking the Chao Phraya River. The Space was for exhibitions, book launches, events, parties, workshops and seminars for three years, but THE SPACE CLOSED IN 2015 and no longer exists


The Space Bangkok was started by veteran war photographer JamesNatchwey and run by a group of his photographer friends living in Bangkok.Its focus was communal events, limited photography exhibitions, traditionaldance performances and dinner nights.
This approach generally attracted only the older generation of expats and aselect group of Thais within that community. 

The Idea

During our 6 month residency we needed to broaden the audience. Build a physical platform where Asian and Western artists can show theywork, meet and exchange ideas, curate a new range of shows and events and establish The Space as a go-to spot in Bangkok, Thailand.


- Overall rebrand of the Space, both physically and online; Logos, flyers, website design.
- Engage with Thai street art community to paint the interiors.
- Employ a dynamic young curator with a background in networking.
- Introduce a full range of events, including film screenings, art shows and talks. 


- Created the now cult-like Khlong San Vice Squad show which hosted artwork from Brazil, Romania, Japan, USA and Germany.
- Solo show ‘Traces’ for German-Filipino artist Melanie Gritzka del Villar, over 150 people for opening night with majority of her collection sold.
- Quadrupled the online Facebook presence of The Space.

The Space Bangok

Graffiti Asia Exhibition (May 2013) 

Khlong San Kino (June - July 2013) 

Khlong San Vice Squad (August 2013) 

Traces Exhibition (September 2013)

Curated by Suridh Hassan, Omer Azm and Ryo Sanada 

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