Suridh Das-Hassan | @shazdirector

Awards and Prizes

2021 Edition 365 Winner, British Journal Of Photography.

2021 Best Experimental Film, Paonia Film Festival.

2021 Best Experimental Film, Canadian Cinematography Awards.

2021 Best Animation, Paonia Film Festival.

2012 Shortlisted Best Documentary, One World Media Awards.

2011 Best Picture Palermo International Sports Film Festival.


Stickerbomb LTD. Managing Director.  2007 - Current. 

GetCraft. SVP Creative. Asia Regional.  2019. 

SRK Productions. Managing Director. London, Jakarta, Singapore. 2006-2018.

Binus University. Jakarta. Lecturer - Design Thinking. 2013.

BBC. Researcher. UK. 2004-2005.

Tinseltown. Papparazzo. London. 2004.

ISN Productions (ITV). Production Assistant. UK. 2002-2004.

University Of Sussex, Globalisation, Ethnicity & Culture (MA), 2004.

University Of Sussex,  Media Studies (BA), 2002.


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Sodo Express. 2021. B&W and Colour Animation. 24mins. 

Foul Play. 2019. Full HD, Colour. 55mins.

Shutterbug. 2017. Full HD, colour. 3mins.

The Real Street Artist. 2014. Full HD, Colour. 3mins.

Soka Afrika. 2012. Full colour. 75mins.

Bassweight. 2010. Full HD, Super 8mm, 61mins.

Graffiti Asia. 2009. Full HD, Super 8mm, various formats. 24mins.

Rackgaki. 2007. Full HD, 28mins.

Scratching The Surface: Japan.  2004. 65mins.


Stick And Skate. Laurence King Publishing. 2020.

Stick It To The Man. Laurence King Publishing. 2018. 

Stickerbomb Journals. Laurence King Publishing. 2017. 

Stickerbomb 3. Laurence King Publishing. 2016.

Stickerbomb Skate. Laurence King Publishing. 2015. 

Stickerbomb Skulls. Laurence King Publishing. 2014. 

Stickerbomb XL. Laurence King Publishing. 2013.

Stickerbomb Letters. Laurence King Publishing. 2012. 

Stickerbomb Monsters. Laurence King Publishing. 2012. 

Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide To Making Films. Templar Publishing 2010. 

Stickerbomb 2. Laurence King Publishing. 2010.

Graffiti Asia. Laurence King Publishing. 2010. 

Stickerbomb. Laurence King Publishing. 2008. 

Rackgaki. Laurence King Publishing. 2007.

Group Shows

Edition 365, 1854 x British Journal Of Photography, New Art City, 2021.

Stickerbomb 3 Book Launch, Start Gallery, Los Angeles, 2016. 

Stickerbomb x Levi's - Live Draw Tour. Beijing | Hangzhou. 2016. 

Stickerbomb Skulls Book Launch - Kult Gallery Singapore, 2014. 

The Space Gallery, Bangkok. March - Aug 2013. 

Graffiti Asia Book Launch - Bandung, Indonesia, 2011. 

Graffiti Asia Book Launch - Jogjakarta, Indonesia, 2011. 

Whitechapel Gallery Bassweight Pop -Up, 2008. 

Rackgaki Book Launch, Stolen Space, London, 2007. 

Sonar By Day, Japanese Hip Hop. 2005. 

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